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Smart Online Interactive Web Development 20 € / hour

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You need a professional online interactive web designer? Think about us!

Please visit our web site , we made one of the best e-Commerce software in the World, we started web development 1995 year.

We use today 14th generation of a smart web software, which has over 32.500.000 dynamic web pages, an intuitive front office and back office menu, a smart functions.

Please click at image and test our software, you can see a lot of advanced web options.

We have experience of 20 years in area of smart web software research and development.

We are able to convert your existing web site to a smart web solution.

Define a working tesks, we will clearly determinate a necessary number of working hours and time of delivery.

Do not care about language, we can make it togeter in thousand lanuguages!!!
Licence TypeSmart Online Interactive Web Development 20 € / hour
TechnologyC#, MS SQL, HTML, ASP, ASPX, .NET
Functionalitysmart web solutions, intuitive front office and back office menu, SEO optimization, keywords, description, details, related products, related categories, matrix description, add to basket
Statisticsproduct visit counter, category visit counter, mathematic functions
Administrationadd product, edit product, add category, edit category, upload image, add keywords, edit keyword, add description, edit description, add title, edit title, product related products, product related category, add price, edit price, add shipping charges, edit shipping charges, add time of delivery, edit time of delivers, add tax, edit tax